Sunday, January 5, 2020

Drawing in the big bore — how lucky I am,

Drawing -- a scientist
Graphite on drawing paper
5.5 x 8.5 inches
Barbara Muir © 2020

The drawing tonight is of one of
my favourite women in the
world.  She knew about climate change
years ago, and did everything she
could in her practices in her own life, and
through donations, to stop it.
Reading about Australia I feel lucky to have the minor problem
of staying in bed. My constant dream when I'm working,
painting, marking papers, is to get time to lie down and read.
Got that today, and will have it until next Saturday on
doctor's orders.  But it's not the same thing as the dream,
because in the rebellious reality of human nature, all I've
wanted to do after reading my great book for a couple of hours --
is to get up.

The book? Brick Lane by Monica Ali.  I got it from one of the
local free book libraries in the neighbourhood.  Little cupboards
on posts in the shape of houses on people's lawns.  And they're
full of books! This one is very good.

But still I had the urge to get up and move. Steven my husband
kept suggesting places we could drive to.  But I have to keep my
leg up, and I couldn't imagine a long car trip with my leg on the

The news about Australia, which I was reading, gets
worse and worse.  Terrifying.  Jimmy Fallon posted a list of
Fire services that need our money.  Apparently firefighters in
Australia are all volunteers, and the government has not
provided them with adequate supplies.  When a country
almost the size of Canada is ringed by fire, everyone on the
planet needs to get involved to any extent possible.

Have a saving the planet day.

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