Monday, January 20, 2020

Surprises past and present -- such a delight

Kitchen study
acrylic on canvas
12 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir © 2009

I'd forgotten that I ever did this sketch, and I love it.  That is
one of the many sweet things about blogging.  Your memories
are there, and vivid.  I know this sketch was a preparation for
a portrait I did of a young neighbour who was funny, intelligent,
a superb helper to me, sometimes styling my house (my
studio) as best she could before the TV cameras came in, which
for awhile around the time when I painted this, felt like often.

Tonight I taught my once a week evening class, and one of my
students asked me what I write about if I don't have any ideas.
Elizabeth Gilbert wrote on Instagram about her time alone over
the past two weeks, and said she's never alone because there is
always so much going on in her head.  I feel the same way --
not that I'm at all in Gilbert's league, but if I was thinking more 
clearly I would have told my student that ideas are not the problem.  

In the blog post where I found this piece I wrote about the rules
about art and how they irritate me.  Local art university students
here are frequently told that they're not real artists, and 11 years ago, I
said that anyone who draws, paints, sculpts, take photos, and
whatever other art form you want to mention, is an artist.  When
a child picks up a paintbrush and paints for the first time, that
child is an artist.  Snobbery around art makes me annoyed.

Georgia and Me at one
of her shows last year.
The painting is Happiness
and it is mine!  I love Georgia's
work in every capacity.
It's late, I'm tired, it was an exciting and excellent class.  The fabulous 
Georgia Fullerton, associated with Durham College, The Robert McLaughlin
Gallery and an amazing artist, and therapist, dropped in to see
how I teach.  She approved.  Woo Hoo!  A very happy night.

Have a loving what you do day.

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