Tuesday, January 28, 2020

On the easel -- what I'm working on.

Untitled (work in progress)
Literally photographed on the easel
Acrylic pen and paint on canvas
3 x 6 feet
Barbara Muir © 2020
Happy Tuesday.  It was a day of a thousand mess ups,
until I went for a walk with a dear friend who told
me the trick of deciding to end the conversation about
all that was going wrong right then.  When she said that I
looked at the little park we were walking through and as always
trees and even gloomy clouds are comforting.  I went home
to my studio and tackled the part of this piece that's been
driving me mad -- the face.

Before I did I went to the art store and saw the lovely Anna,
who calls me Anna for fun. She helped me get some great supplies
 -- acrylic pens and brush cleaner. Plus she is funny, and that
was something I needed so badly on this complicated day.
I'm drawing this portrait on a 3 ft. x 4 ft. canvas with acrylic
pens. It's the whole figure, and seems to be a long, slow process,
but I'm feeling confident now that it will be ready in time for a
show coming up!  More on that later.  And I think Anna, and
my friend, and the subject of this portrait turned the day around.
It's been a wonderful night, and I'm excited again about my work.

Thank you as always for being out there. I'm trying this because
I said I would.  And I am learning so much!

Have a loving what you do day. 

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