Sunday, December 6, 2020

2020 symbolism

Kitchen Flowers
Barbara Muir © 2020

I took this picture yesterday as beautiful sunlight streamed into our kitchen, and
lit up the superb amaryllis plants that we bought last week. They are exceptionally
beautiful double amaryllises, and seem like such a treat at this normally grey time
of year.

When I looked at the photo I started to laugh, and realized that because I’m posting
photos while I’m busy doing a big art project, this would be ideal for tonight. It is
delightfully symbolic of this year 2020. There’s a beautiful flower that we bought to cheer ourselves up, and to perhaps paint if I have the time. And beside the flower are the common props of this year. Absolutely essential. Rubbing alcohol 70% (it doesn’t smell as bad as the 99%), and hand sanitizer.
These are the constants. When I get home from the supermarket, I wipe off everything with rubbing alcohol. A friend told me that I could wash my fruits and vegetables in hot water and soap and I do
that for anything that I can.

I watched an episode of CBC Marketplace on T.V. last night, about the cleanliness practices in
the major supermarkets in Toronto. It made me really happy that I am overly hyper about germs
during COVID-19. Let’s just put it this way, I’m going to continue. Plus I wear a mask, and they
suggest that if a store has a long lineup to get through the cash -- don’t shop there. Get out!

Stay safe and stay healthy! 

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