Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The tree gets decorated and the 16th (2016th) thing I learned this year


It's a big tree,
and I realize that we probably
have a lot more to out on it.
I love the cardboard and aluminum file
star and the apple juice tin angel.
We have had those since our first born was
a little baby.  And we made

Note:  Sometimes you are so tired that you don't even know it. Of course it's
the 2016th thing today.

Tonight we made an effort to decorate the tree. It’s almost done. The only people who can
come inside and see it are me and Steven. But we count. And it is very pretty.
It snowed last night, and we are inching closer and closer to Christmas, with
no idea exactly how we will celebrate, and no presents purchased as yet.

The 16th thing I learned this year (well 2016th, but who's counting? :-)

I know I was aware of this idea before, probably relied on it. But this year has
made the idea of finding joy in small things more important than ever. So friends
have asked me should we bother putting up a tree, if no relatives are coming? And
I say yes. For one thing the whole idea of the celebration of light is the celebration
of the return to a time when things will grow. The tree is such an obvious symbol of that.

After the holidays our tree will go into the back yard, be scattered with birdseed
and stay up probably until March. What we will do with the other two we bought for
the porches I’m not sure. But they are a treat as well.

The news is sad. A friend in another city is in hospital with COVID. Strange eruptions of
violence are happening all over the world. And people are dying at a very fast rate from
this horrific virus.

So everyone of us who is alive and disease-free is lucky. And we deserve to allow ourselves
to enjoy the small pleasures in our lives. Plus we owe it to people who are suffering and
may never enjoy those pleasures again, to make sure we notice the good things in life.
Thank you for commenting on my blog, sharing your ideas, and supporting me by liking,
and collecting my work. You all are great reasons to be happy. Thank you.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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