Friday, December 4, 2020

Got the trees

Steven's car loaded with trees. Our house is
the one with the red shutters.
I had
to really up the exposure so you could see
the trees. These are going to be the
highlight of our Holiday season.
Happy Holidays.
Barbara Muir © 2020

Inspired by our neighbour one street over who decided to put the Christmas tree
on the front porch, with the idea that he and his wife might have a party for
Christmas on the front lawn, We got some trees.

Of course now we’re in lockdown, so our friends can’t have that party, but they
still got the tree so that they could have family over social distanced, and have
Christmas with them somehow.

The other night we drove by their house and the tree was on the porch as promised.
 We felt so happy to see it, that we knocked on their door, wearing masks to say,
"Good for you! Merry Christmas."  And the next night they had the lights on it.

When Steven and I talked about what we like about Christmas, I said that one of my
 favourite things is the tree.  So we decided to get a tree inside for us, and one for the
 front porch, and one for the back porch, in case we had guests over social distanced,
especially our family.

We’re not religious at all, but we love the idea of giving. I love Christmas for that reason,
and for the humour because my family is very funny, and just for the treat of getting

So it was a very exciting event to go and get the trees.  Weird because we couldn't go
on the lot, just stare through a fence.  But we’d heard on the news that Christmas trees
in some parts of the country are in short supply. When we went to our very favourite
Christmas tree lot, which we’ve been going to forever, the young woman running the place,
Bobby, said they'd be out of trees tomorrow. We hurried home, had a cup of tea and went
back equipped to take  three trees home on the roof of the car.

Here they are. Happy Holidays. 

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