Monday, December 21, 2020

Sending you best wishes


Me with my great friend 
the wonderful artist -- Georgia Fullerton.
I'm holding the painting "Happiness"
which I bought at a show in 2019.

Another thing I learned in 2020 -- friends help make life worth living!

Today is the reason we're celebrating -- trees, lights, song -- friendship --
from a distance.  Cards keep coming through the front door, and we
delight in every one.  I can't wait until it is warm enough to see friends
from a distance, but meanwhile please know how much I care about

For us the holidays are all about the solstice, and the return of the light.  
In these very short days were are so conscious of how wonderful seeing
more daylight will be.  Steven and I are trying to figure out our family
celebrations, with all of Ontario going into lockdown on Christmas Eve. 
(If you're not Canadian, Ontario is a province, like a very big state, if you
compare it to the U.S. It is much larger than Texas, and not as big as

So as a special treat tonight we had a plate of delicious cookies, and then
sat by the tree with Sally the dog, and Fiona the cat.  There is so much to
be thankful for.  We did curb side pick up of beautiful white lilies today.
and gorgeous amaryllises, we bought a week ago at a hardware store, are
showing off huge, iridescent, red blooms.  The kitchen looks like a celebration
of abundance -- with gorgeous antique glass bowls filled one with lemons,
and one with clementines. 

As Holiday cards keep arriving, I know what I've known for quite awhile,
and learned again this year -- friends play a huge part in making life worth living. 

Thank you to all my friends here in Toronto, across the world, on FaceBook,
and Instagram. You make me so happy.  Let's all wear our masks, social
distance, wash our hands, call, write and support each other. And when this is
 over -- Wow! We are going to have so much fun! And thank you for making
me happy, and bringing me so much joy and inspiration this year.

Happy Solstice -- the light is coming. 

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