Thursday, December 17, 2020

Take a news break

The swans at our favourite park
These two know us, and
come swimming from the center
of Lake Ontario to see us.
They love Steven, and we
always feel better after we see them.

The 2017th thing I learned this year.
Get away from the news every now and then.  As a mother, wife, artist,
teacher, in this bizarre year, I've felt obliged to know what is going on with
the virus, and with the political events south of us, and in our own

In fact my news research has dominated my life to the point that I 
found it almost impossible to read a book.  And I'm a reader.  Plus
when I did get a chance to go to a book store, and picked a novel the
staff had recommended, it was inevitably about death -- a topic far
too prevalent this year.

So instead of novels I read books that taught me about our world, and
aside from those, read the news.  The Guardian online turned out to be the
most reliable source for news around the world.   But hey -- start the
day with the Guardian, go to sleep reading it on my iPad.  Check it
every time I open my computer. Stop!

Our saving grace has been funny TV shows, and even better trips to
the park to feed the swans, the geese and the ducks.  And according
to the Queen's (Queen Elizabeth's) Swan keeper -- the bread we feed 
these birds is not only good for them, it saves them from starving to

Getting away from the news is a good idea. I don't mean be misinformed,
I just mean take a break to see the beauty in nature.  I don't think I've
ever focused on the news the way I have this year, and it hasn't
always been a good idea.

Have a taking a break day.

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