Sunday, December 27, 2020

The year in colour

The main colours I used in 2020
on Instagram as analyzed by

My thanks to the wonderful artist Nicki Ault for turning me on to the idea of
looking into the Year of Colour website, that analyzes the colours you've used in
your Instagram posts in 2020.

Nicki explained that it’s fun to see how the main colours you used look on different
backgrounds. So I tried doing that, and the colours I used, according to this website,
look way more cheerful against a black background. So here they are.  It’s fascinating.
I would not have thought that some of those colours occurred in my work at all,
and yet there they are!

I’m so looking forward to the new year, to new colour experiments, new paintings,
new drawings, and a new spirit of hope and renewal in my work, and in our lives.

I had some wonderful conversations with artist friends today on either side of the
world, and it was so exciting to hear their stories of family, of how they reacted to
this year, of happy celebrations, and about art.

I can’t wait to continue these conversations in the new year with my friends here
in Toronto, on Facebook, on Instagram, around the world and on my blog. Thank
you. You brought all of your beautiful palette into my life this year.

Here’s to a very happy end of 2020, and hope, joy and resolution to our virus
problem in 2021.


Evelyn Oldroyd - painter said...

A lot of different blues with bright highlights of other colours. I like your palette❣️ I will give this a try and anticipate a lot of black and white😂. The new year has so much anticipation but I hope it isn’t overwhelmed by expectations. 🙃😷🤗❤️

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Evelyn,

Blue is big in some of my landscapes. But of course this is just the work I posted on Instagram. They found 75 posts, and I've blogged every day. I really don't feel a lot of anticipation about 2021. We will have to carry on as we are as long as cases are rising. But I think as artists we can spread hope just by our subject matter. Your drawings cheer me up so much. We can say it every day in 2021 if we want -- Happy New Year! <3

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