Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The Pleasure Principle

Amaryllises in the kitchen
Holiday beauties
Barbara Muir © 2020

I thought of something else I learned this year. In this time of continuous
gloom and doom, pleasure has never been more astounding. I have always
tried to live in the most positive way possible. But this year I’ve noticed that
all of the things I love that can still happen, seem easily 10 times more amazing.

Today we had a surprise visit from friends. I was heading out the front
door mask on expecting to see my son who was coming to borrow shop tools 
from my husband, and it was a couple of friends -- at the door and standing
on the sidewalk. We stood and talked, laughing and joking, and the whole
time I was aware that they could be getting cold – it is winter. But I had to
go and get Steven to come and say hi, because I knew he would be sad if he
missed their visit.

Are visits from friends we’ve rarely seen since March a big deal? Are you
kidding? So wonderful. And everything positive that happens in this strange
year has a heightened level of excitement to it. Seeing the youngest member
of our family dancing in our garden this afternoon wearing a mask -- easily12
feet away telling me to social distance was so much fun! Delightful.

The flowers in my photo tonight are amaryllises that I bought at the hardware
store. For some reason during the lockdown hardware stores are open and some
carry flowers. I always love amaryllises, but this year this exquisite flower feels
like a gift of the highest order. And that is the Pleasure Principle at work.

Have a noticing the Pleasure Principle day. 


verna vogel said...

What a lovely post, Barbara. It's true, the little good things have got bigger this year, more special and more appreciated.


Barbara Muir said...

Thanks Verna,

They have really become vital. Thanks for your comments and support,your beautiful art. In a few days I will start thinking about what's next in art.

Happy Holidays!

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