Saturday, November 29, 2008

99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer

I swear sometimes writing a daily blog is like the old
camp counting song. Get to know me, I really like
to hear people singing -- even the corniest of songs
make me happy, or sad. I could never go to my
chidrens' school concerts without being deeply
moved. In fact whether they were performing in the
band, or in the choir, my sons were the boys straining
their necks to try and see me through the crowd to see
if I'd started weeping -- yet. I was moved by how sweet
they were singing, or playing the Tuba or Trumpet.
The music and the atmosphere with the kids all
dressed up, and the proud parents always caught
me off guard, and profoundly moved.

As for this blog. What I mean I think, is that I committed (to myself)
to writing something every day, and I've kept my
word (to me). One of my blogging friends made it a big
event when she reached 200 blogs, and I'm coming up
on 300. If you have any suggestions of how I should
celebrate -- or how we could celebrate together let
me know. If you have no suggestions be aware that
I will happily toast you with Veuve Cliquot, my favorite
champagne, on that occasion.

I'm putting a picture I painted at my art class on
tonight, because I'm hauling my big "Promise"
painting from a week ago, home tomorrow and
fixing the face, and I'll show you how that goes when it's done.

Class sketch
acrylic on bond paper
18 x 24 inches

This image may be of my friend Peter, although
I painted it a couple of years ago, and I'm not sure.
I used to drive to class with a colour formula in
my head that I wanted to try out. I soon discovered
that blue was rarely a decent ground for a painting.
But it does give the work a certain air of sadness
and pathos. The model, if it is Peter, is actually
a pretty happy person -- a wonderful artist, with
a great family. As you know by now, happy is
she who paints happy. Happy is my life's work.
Being happy, making other people happy, and
recovering my own natural sense of good humour
when seriously horrible life events knock it off kilter.

Have a perfectly joyous day.

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