Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm still standing -- and that's a good thing

Hi there,

It's going to be a short one tonight. Wednesday is my
long day at school, and I am soooooo tired. It is
actually a great accomplishment to be still
standing in every sense of the word, when I
look back on the months when I couldn't stand
at all because of my broken ankle.

Bowl of apples from my tree's an image from the season "of mists and
mellow fruitfulness!" (Keats, Ode to Autumn) that
I've always wanted to paint. One year we had
exceptional apples on our little tree, and luckily
we photographed them. I've been looking for
a set of bowls like this, so if you know where I
can get them -- in Toronto -- let me know.

I hope I'll have some new art for you tomorrow.

Have a pleasantly poetic day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara, Do you know how to raise apples from seeds? I found some sprouting in several apples and planted them. Had as many as 20 going at one time and all have croaked. Big sigh. :)

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

My great grandfather was a horticultural genius who invented wonderful strains of strawberries. But I just bought that apple tree for $20.00. It's a dwarf tree with lots of problems (one is that our yard is so small), but we've had quite a few super apple pies and lots of batches of applesauce from it. This year I painted some of the
apples in a bowl, and sold the work
for more than the tree cost.

So I love the tree.

That's sad about your seedlings. I bet you could find out on Google, or
Martha Stewart.

Take care,


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