Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sketching a Skype

I haven't done much in the way of art today, and yet
most of the day's been devoted to art work. I met
with the man who's designing my web site and we
discussed colours and treatment. He and his wife,
live in a condo with a spectacular view of the whole city
and the surrounding countryside. He can see
the wide sweep of Toronto, the blue hills to the
west, and Lake Ontario gleaming in the sun.

Their space has high bright windows and the sun
spilled into the room while we drank mint tea out
of perfect white china. So that was fun.

My son is home and his girlfriend came for what
was our official birthday dinner, with all of us
opening presents from each other.

Sketch of Flora
Doehler, done while we
talked on Skype through our computers.
This was my view of Flora in her
Sharpie, Staedler Permacolor,
pencil, coloured pencil,
Sharpie Highlighter

But before supper I talked to my friend, Flora,
who lives in Nova Scotia on Skype, and did this
little sketch of her. So while we were talking,
I was sketching. I kept showing her every 60 seconds
or so, and she was egging me on saying,
"let me see, let me seeee!"

So here's the result -- instant gratification - just
like Skype. This was my wonky view of her in her
kitchen, with the shelf to the right. Of course it's
got that caught in the headlights feeling that a
Skype image has, but it's also got a nice,
"are you really drawing me?" serious look to it.
And it was a very fast sketch. If you don't know
about Skype it's the free long distance
phone service and if you have a camera in your
computer you can see the person, which is really,
really lovely when people are far away.

That's all for tonight folks. I hope my American
friends are having a happy Thanksgiving weekend.
I've got to sleep.

Have a permission-to-relax-sir day.


Anonymous said...

A web site! Far out! Can hardly wait. And a Skype? Glad you straightened me out on that one. I was thinking it was something you caught in a bag late at night in some farmers corn field. No wait! That's a Snipe. Just kiddin. :) I must be tired too.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

You are funny. If you get Skype let me know. I have a strong feeling that Steven and I are going to come and see you and Debra one day. We'll also
visit with Theresa and Max. Won't that be fun!

Skype is a free phone service you get
by Googling Skype and signing up. If you have a camera and microphone in your computer you can see one another while you talk. It's really
great with family who are across the world. And it's free, so it lets
me talk to my son in Korea.

Take care,

Barbara (you could definitely bag
a Skype -- just follow the instructions).

Barbara Muir said...
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Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

The deleted post was just this thing that happens sometimes when a post comes up twice.

Take care,


Unknown said...

Love your Skype work.
I am the US blogger for Skype and would like to do an interview with you about using Skype to draw.
Would you be available Wednesday or Thursday to speak?
My e-mail is
My Skype is howardwolinsky


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Howard,

Thanks for the compliment. Let's


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