Sunday, November 9, 2008

Starting a big one

Last Sunday a new friend, Jan Marriott, came over to give me
seven wedding dresses before she left on a vacation to
France, which she pronounces in a beautiful English
accent making it sound even more delicious. (She's
English). This all happened because Jan regularly
takes part each May in the most wonderful garage sale that
covers a whole neighbourhood south of the supermarket where
we buy our groceries.

Step One The Promise
combining cadmium red medium, cadmium orange,
and cadmium yellow medium to paint the ground
with a four inch wide house painting brush,
and then a roller.

Jan is a fabric lady, and she sells vintage (30s,40s, 50s,
60s) dresses, pieces of fabric, old pillow cases, sheets,
curtains, quilts, and tablecloths. I have bought everything
possible from her. Her gorgeous quilts cover our beds.
I bought 5 or 6 vintage brightly coloured 40s table cloths.
Then Martha Stewart did a special on the same pieces,
and said never to use them, they were much too valuable.
I paid $4 each and use them whenever I can. One of the great
things about Jan is that she is completely fair in her prices.

Stage Two The Promise
The wet ground dries on the
36 x 48 inches

So a couple of years ago I bought two beautiful 30s formal
dresses from her and both have been used in paintings.
When I ran into Jan at the Brick Works Farmers' Market,
I told her about the paintings. She checked out my blog
and decided to give me some wedding dresses she
couldn't sell. They have a small tear here, or a spot or
two there, but they are gorgeous, and fine for paintings.

The painting I'm about to start is called "The Promise",
so a girl in a wedding dress seems fitting. Once again
I had to submit the name of the painting before I
started the piece. I had small work ready, but the lady
from the show requested a large painting, because the show
is supposed to feature both.

The last time I painted a girl in a less than perfect
wedding dress for the Dance Series, I paid $50 for it
at the Salvation Army. This time I got seven
(maybe eight I have to count again) for free. I gave
Jan a vintage dress I couldn't use that was in good repair
in return. To me this is a clear example of the
"bounty of the universe" in action. I guess you could say
I'm a firm believer. What an amazing week!

I have to go and mark papers.

Have a seeing-prosperity-everywhere day.


Anonymous said...

THAT IS SO WONDERFUL Barbara!!! I can't wait to see what you put on that canvas. You are a true inspiration!

Liza Hirst said...

Great! I am looking forward to your painting - and I wish I could go shopping with you at Jan's!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see what you're going to do. Keep it coming!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Flora,

The Internet is super dicey, so
I hope this works. No you're the inspiration.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

Wow! Jan is in France. I wish I knew
where to reach her, because she is
no doubt shopping there!!!

You will come and visit one day, and
we'll go shopping at Jan's.


Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

I'm going to be excited to see it too, and nervous like you were in your
demo work.

Just let me get great results like you


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