Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How busy are you?

Hi everyone,

There's a degree of busy that just tips the scale into "okay
this is a little crazy," and that's my life today. I spent
the day marking, then trying to organize my photos for
the wonderful fellow who is designing my web site. He
needs the images, names, sizes because it's end of term,
and my web site is a school project for him. I have been
having trouble getting everything to him because I
am a professor at another campus that's part of the
same college, Seneca(which is how I found
out about this great program), and I am marking round the

Plus tomorrow my students are taking tests all day, and I
am preparing those tests. I have been doing my best
to stay positive, staring fondly at my paints, which will
have to wait for another day. And a couple of things
made staying upbeat a challenge. First of all, my
internet connection has been faint to nonexistent again.
Then I put all the images and titles carefully together
in a file on my Mac, we burned a disc, and guess
what my husband's IBM couldn't read the Mac data.
The web designer is an IBM person, and here we go
again. So my husband carefully and painfully re-configured
all the names, and edited the images, and burned a new
disc. I think he's going for sainthood, and if I were in
charge he'd get the title.

A bird eating the seeds from our
backyard feeder. Today
all the snow melted, but there will be more

Yow! Deep breath. So I'm including a photo of one
of my favorite little birds sitting on the snow eating
seeds in my backyard, because the picture, taken by
Steven, calms me down. Tomorrow other things are
happening, but I'll tell you all about that then. It's

Have an it's-all-going-to-work-out-just-fine day.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a photo!
Don't work too hard and sneak in a lil painting if you can. It's always worth it.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

I will tomorrow. Thanks for the good advice.


Liza Hirst said...

My dear Barbara,

You leave me speechless! Here I am, not getting in touch for ages because I am soo busy (I thought) and then I finally get round to catching up on your blog and find this! How on earth do you manage to DO all the things AND write your blog AND leave comments on other blogs (as mine) AND paint?!!!! To me that seems miraculous....
Thank you so much for your inspiring energy and please excuse my late reply!

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