Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pretty pink poinsettias

Today after Steven and I took Sam to his bus back
to school, Steven decided to get me some flowers
to cheer me up. I always get a clutch in my heart
and at least the possibility of tears when I see
someone off at a bus station, train station, or
airport. We had a short but sweet visit with
Sam, and I love having him around.

Steven bought me a huge bouquet of pale pink
roses, and I bought him some brilliant fire engine
red roses, and some lilies in a reddish colour. Now
the house is filled with flowers. But while we
were in our favorite flower store we saw huge
pots of deep pink poinsettias.

Pink Poinsettias
7 x 9 inches
acrylic on watercolour paper

I think it's too early yet for poinsettias -- they
just scream Christmas -- and I usually buy the
creamy white ones -- three plants for my hall
table. But I remembered this little painting I
did a few years ago, and I'm including it tonight.
If I have time I'll take a better photo (no shine)
and put it in tomorrow. I like the red ground
peeking through, and the unexpected blue sky.

The whole pace of Christmas is coming back to
me. When the stores start pushing it the second
Halloween is over, it seems insane. Then I get
caught up in work and forget about it, and
suddenly it's happening next week, and I haven't
sent cards again, and the house isn't decorated
again. However if you ever do get so swamped
that it's december 23rd and you haven't begun...
there are crazy financial advantages to decorating
at the last minute. I got my front door wreath,
and a big wreath for the front of the house last year
for a dollar each. I'm just saying.

Have a loving-the-colours-around-you day.


Anonymous said...

Hi!! I've always wanted to do a still life with some of those poinsettias. (thanks for the spelling) They intinidate me I think. This is a nice little painting.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

The trouble with a painting like that,
is where would you sell it? You'd
have to be lucky enough to run into
someone absolutely crazy for the
flower. Rare I think. Except at Christmas. Thanks for your kind


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