Thursday, November 6, 2008

A family filled with fun

Today is my mother's birthday. Last Friday was my birthday,
and this Friday is Sam's birthday. Saturday is Steven's birthday,
and the excitement about this solid week of cake, presents,
and cheer is mounting. Sam is away at school studying acting.
And Christopher, his brother, is in Korea. So although the
family is scattered, the plans continue.

My brothers took my mother out to dinner in Ottawa.
I had flowers delivered to her yesterday, our tradition in recent
years. A nearby grocery store puts the bouquets together,
and they are especially kind and gracious to my mother.

My mother lives alone, with her Siamese cat, and although
she'd deny it she is a strong woman. She manages to do a bit
of gardening despite the constant ravages of deer, racoons,
rabbits, and groundhogs. Although she'd like to be in harmony
with nature, she's frequently at war with large segments of
the natural population around her two acre property. We all
love and admire her, and love the fact that she continues to
prosper, and enjoy the gorgeous view across the river of the
Gatineau hills.

Tonight I should be recalling the 36 hours of labour I
endured with Sam, but isn't that what the morphine at the
birth was for? Instead I'm thinking about what a
beautiful and sweet baby, little boy, teenager and now
almost adult he has been and is. He is a really great
person, and everyone who knows him would agree.

Ocean play

16 x 24 inches

The picture I'm showing you tonight was based on a photo
of Christopher, Sam and Steven playing in the ocean in
Nova Scotia. In the photo it was a grey day, but
obviously warm enough that the boys were having
a glorious time. I loved those days, but it's
no longer my picture of our family. Now I see all
of us around a table, out in a restaurant, or on the beach
in Nova Scotia laughing and laughing at the stories we
tell each other. My children are growing into fine young men.

The great thing about being apart is that there will be
even more of these stories when we all reunite, and
they will be funnier than ever.

As for Sam, we're going to see him for lunch on his
birthday weekend, because we're driving down to
join him. He may be a bit weary from celebrating with his
friends, but we'll all be glad to see one another.

Have a having-a-laugh-with-family day.


Anonymous said...

I can see you have a wonderful family. Besides the good times there's a lot of strength there. You're way lucky.

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Eldon,

Thanks I think I am way lucky.
It certainly seems like you are too
at this point in your life. I love the
images of your life in Colorado, and
your beautiful paintings.

Take care,


Liza Hirst said...

A belated happy birthday to all of you! Reading your story it reminds me of my own family ( also with two sons ) and I know exactly what you feel like! We ARE so lucky!

Barbara Muir said...

Hi Liza,

I'm glad you know what it's like to
raise a family of two sons. It was so much fun. My guys are funny and arty, both actors, one a superb photographer. When they were children I disliked all of that "boys will be boys stuff." My guys, like yours,are just wonderful.

Take care,


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